"100% Boar Club Brush" by Diane

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The Diane 100% Boar Medium Club Brush is specially made with 100% natural firm boar bristles and a brown wood finish. This brush is gentle on sensitive scalps, and its advanced implantation technology reduces bristle loss. Great for smoothing and forming wave styles. Works best for medium to coarse hair. How to Use: For wave styling: Brush hair using short brush strokes starting from the middle of head to front, then in a downward pattern on the sides and from middle of head to back; or brush in the direction of hair pattern with short brush strokes.
  • Medium firm 100% boar bristles with brown wood finish
  • Forms & maintains wave styles, smooths
  • Best for medium coarse to coarse hair & all hair lengths
  • Advanced implantation technology reduces bristle loss, UV coating for superior protection against moisture & wear



      Forms & Maintains Wave Styles

      Features an advanced implantation technology to reduce bristle loss, and its medium firm bristle texture makes it ideal for forming and maintaining wave styles.

      Premium Quality 100% Boar

      The Diane 100% Boar Wave Brush features premium quality boar bristles that penetrate to the root, yet are still gentle on sensitive scalps.

      Wood Finish & UV Coating

      Made to withstand everyday use, the brush is finished with UV coating for superior protection against moisture and wear.



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