About Us

Iron Heritage Grooming Co.

Iron Heritage Grooming Company is an American Barber Company based out of Chicago, Illinois. All of Iron Heritage’s Products are Handcrafted with Traditional Grooming Practices in Small Batches in the U.S.A. with No Animal Testing.

With the recent resurgence of the barber (formerly barber surgeons) industry and a revival of a younger generation honoring a past time, we felt something was still missing. We couldn't pin point what it was, so we decided to set out on the back roads of America to see Americana in it's natural habitat.

To us, Iron Heritage reminded us of the ancestry, dirt and blood of our grandfathers and their grandfathers before them. The smell of King talc or Clubman powders, aftershave mixed with pipe tobacco, stench of whiskey on their breathe and sweat from a hard day of work on his back. Cruising the hills on a Harley Davidson panhead or a '62 Ford F100.


The story dates back to 2012 before Iron Heritage began. At that time, Illinois licensed barber Mike Weinberg was barbering at a neighborhood barbershop on Chicago's Northside and began to expresses the concerns of the Men's Grooming industry that was being lead by companies with no credentials and esthetic manufacturers produce products. Said manufacturers or "home cooks" could NOT explain HOW, WHY and WHAT their products did for consumers.

Weinberg met a long time handcraft apothecary producer and Pennsylvania native, Jeri Yingling, who was residing in Chicago. Yingling spent the last 2 years consulting with manufacturers to correct inconsistent ingredients listed on products, contradicting purposes such as shampoo and conditioner combinations, and the lack of education of a proper pH balance of hair and skin. Weinberg and Yingling were determined to craft a line of products that educated consumers and were made with the proper ingredients.


In 2014, after long discussions and advice from other leading licensed professionals in the industry, Weinberg and Yingling partnered up with a certified, all-natural and organic manufacturer to begin creating and testing formulas for what soon became Iron Heritage Grooming Co.

Since it's introduction, Iron Heritage has been featured with SPIKE TV’s Ink Master’s Season 3 Runner Up Jime Litwalk, The Cast and Crew of Discovery TV’s Fast N’ Loud featuring the Gas Monkey Garage, GQ's David Smiedt, Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music, and Members of Lucero.

In Fall of 2015, Hot Water Music’s frontman Chuck Ragan began using Iron Heritage’s Beard Oils and Original Iron Oil in his hair and on his hands. At that time, Chuck had in mind of opening a mercantile featuring some of the general items he used daily. In April 2016, Iron Heritage was pleased to announce an collaboration with Chuck Ragan's Ragan Mercantile with the Nomad and Outbound Beard Oils and Drifter Iron Oil.

In summer of 2016, Brian Venable, guitarist of Lucero got ahold of Iron Heritage Sportster Beard Oil and couldn’t get enough of it. In Winter 2016, Iron Heritage released a signature beard oil with Venable, Catchin’ Hell. Available now.

We Value Your Interest and Support of our Small American Business and our Handcrafted Products Made In the USA.


We manufacture our own grooming products, but we sell other brands we feel are top notch because sometimes, our competitors make it best! Shop the best grooming products under one roof!


Our small 3 chair in-house barbershop operates with licensed barbers that offers traditional haircuts, beard trims and straight razor shaves.


Looking for more than a haircut, we have a retail shop to make a one stop shop for men that sells brands like: Fred Perry, Brixton, Red Wings, Iron & Resin and more..


We are committed to supplying education, knowledge and providing a time honor for each product Iron Heritage crafts. Tested and Approved by licensed barbers, each product is handcrafted with traditional grooming practices with our 100% All-Natural, Utilitarian, Premium Men’s Grooming Products.