"Natural Matte Clay Pomade" by Iron Heritage

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This Matte Clay Provides a Great Natural Look And Outstanding All-day Firm Hold.
Pliable With A Great Medium Hold That is Flexible For Any Hair Style. 

For a great natural look, use IRON HERITAGE Natural Matte Clay. Pliable and firm with a great medium hold that is flexible for any hair style. IRON HERITAGE Natural Matte Clay adds texture and a natural look to the hair that can be finger combed or styled and blow-dry for maximum volume. 

IRON HERITAGE Natural Matte Clay is a lightweight, pliable, water based creme with a remarkably matte finish. Natural Matte Clay is more pliable and soft than a clay, but more matte than a wax. It adds tack and a gritty texture to hair with very little hold or weight, it doesn't firm up, so it will still move and be touchable throughout your day.




For Best Results, Apply to Clean Hair. Rub. Slightly Damp for Long Hair, Dry for Short Hair. Desired Amount Onto Palms of Hands and Work with Fingers. Apply and Style. Work In With a Comb for Best Results. To Restyle Hair, Add a Small Amount of Water to Reactivate.

We Always Recommend Shampooing Your Hair 1-2 times A Week and Condition Daily with a Professional Grade Product.

Do a small skin test first – may contain allergens. Discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs. Store in a cool, dry place.